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My favorite image of my Grenson brogues. Read the story here http://bit.ly/GrensonsOrAmsterdam

My favorite image of my Grenson brogues. Read the story here http://bit.ly/GrensonsOrAmsterdam

“Do I want to go to Amsterdam or do I want these shoes?” 

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Black and Blue by Ethan Newton

"As fashion overtook classic dress , the modern man stopped being sold what was right for him, and started following the dictates of those that represented fashions extremes. The lucky few with model figures and a lifestyle that started as the sun went down were at an advantage, as low waist trousers, patent leather shoes and shiny black suits became de-rigeur, but the average man that dressed for business was left walking from meeting to meeting in the equivalent of a party dress and stiletto heels.
So it is with many new clients we meet - and there it is we make our first, fundamental change. The black suit is eschewed, in favour of the much more appropriate, and complimentary, navy and mid blue.
The black suit on most, for its dense flat tone, leaves them looking sallow. There is no depth of colour, no melange to add interest. A great black cloth, like a mohair or fine twill, wants to be as dense and flat as possible, only taking interest in its weave. Many more standard cloth in black, however, take on a cast - the base used in its die, be it red or green, that makes the cloth look worn and dusty under anything but electric light.
As a piece for versatility, it falls short too. Well chosen, varying shades of blue and navy, or light grey with charcoal, can make for elegant monochromatic outfits. Black paired with a cloth even a slight shade off, however, comes across as cobbled together and mismatched. There are no light or dark blacks, only good and bad representations of it.
As a base to create elegant combos, navy is like a great dance partner, adding to each step and flourish, bringing out tones in other colours previously unnoticed. Black is more like a stripper pole - flat and lifeless, giving nothing and presenting each paired colour as incoherent and separate. It lacks sophistication when delivered outside its natural home, that being absolute, perfect formality for the evening.
So try blue. Be it a classic navy, a French blue or a melange mixture of colours, it will afford an immediate sophistication to your wardrobe.”

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Thank You, Jon Moy

Thank You, Jon Moy: How I Got Into the Gant Rugger Beak Street Opening

By: Bryan Carroll @bc208

This story was written in the spring of 2013. I was living and studying in London. I am from Detroit. Those are the facts you need. Enjoy.

The official twitter account for Gant Rugger tweeted: “Follow the event tonight in #London with #RuggerBeakSt”

I would not follow the event. I would go to it. I needed more information, so I scrolled up the feed. Some peasant had @ replied:

“Is the event tonight at Beak St open to all?”

“We wish!” Gant Rugger responded. 

What they meant was “fuck no, OG’s only.” I didn’t care though. I was going to this opening.

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